About SmartEx®

SmartEx® is a co-processed material which consists of Mannitol as a filler, L-HPC as a disintegrant and PVA(polyvinyl alcohol) as a binder.
SmartEx® can be used in direct compression process as it has excellent compressibility, disintegration property and flowability.
Especially SmartEx® is recommendable for a filler of ODTs(Orally disintegrating tablets).
※SmartEx® has been listed on Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients 2018.(As of Dec. 10, 2019)

Benefits of SmartEx®

High compressibility / Applicable for low compressible APIs
Fast disintegration / Disintegrate in less than 30 seconds
Good mouth feeling / Smooth mouth feel and good taste
Good flowability / Possible to produce low deviation tablets
Excellent stability / No change in hardness under high humidity condition

6 sec.

15 sec.

Grades of SmartEx®

  D50(µm)* Features
QD-50 45-75 Quicker disintegration
QD-100 85-125 Harder tablets

* In-house laser diffraction method, different from the product specification

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