Examples for processed foods

1)Cakes with dried fruits

METOLOSE® can prevent the separation of mixed dried fruits and improve the appearance of the cakes. Also METOLOSE® improves the moisturized texture and prevents the brittleness by drying.

Control with SFE-4000

2)Gluten free breads

METOLOSE® works as a gluten substitute. It gives the viscoelasticity to the dough, maintains the product volume and provides a fine texture.

Control with MCE-4000 with SFE-4000

3)Cheese filled meat patty

METOLOSE® thermal gellation property prevents the cheese fillings from flowing out during heating. By selecting the grades, the texture when the patty is cut can be adjustable.

Control MCE-4000 with SFE-4000

4)Cream filled croquette

METOLOSE® thermal gellation can prevent bursting and leakage of the fillings during heating. Also helps to retain product integrity and give creamy texture.

Control with MCE-4000

Grade reccomentation

Application Benefits of METOLOSE® Recommended grades
Filing Retain product integrity Prevent boiling out and improve the heat stability MCE-4000,
Gluten free products Improve texture and volume Improve moisture retention Mimic properties of gluten NE-4000
Vegitarian products Create strong bite Create juicy texture Maintain product shape MCE-4000
Restructured meat products Create strong bite Improve texture during warm consumption Bind water MCE-4000
Croquettes Prevent bursting and pressure increase Reduce oil uptake during frying Bind water NE-4000
Non dairy whipped cream Improve overrun Stabilize non-dairy whipped cream SFE-50

Labeling and restrictions to use
Please confirm your local regulations regarding as the labeling and restrictions.

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