Examples for Processed Foods

1)Vegetarian products

METOLOSE® MCE-100TS works as a binder in the recipe and creates strong bite and juicy texture which is mimics of real meat products.

How To Make A Perfect Vegan Burger Using METOLOSE® Vegetarian Sausages with Great Snap and Perfect Mouthfeel using METOLOSE®

2)Gluten free breads

METOLOSE® works as a gluten substitute. It gives the viscoelasticity to the dough, maintains the product volume and provides a fine texture.

Control with MCE-4000 with SFE-4000

3)Pastery filling

METOLOSE® thermal gellation property prevents the fillings from flowing out during heating with keeping the fine texture.

Fillings with Best Stabilization and Mouthfeel using METOLOSE®

Please refer the below videos for the other application.

Perfect Potato Croquettes with METOLOSE® Best Vegan Meringue with METOLOSE®

Please refer the below videos for the other application.

Grade recommendation

Application Benefit of METOLOSE® Grades
Gluten-free Improves softness and volume in gluten-free bread. MCE-4000, SFE-4000, NE-4000
Plant-based Strong hot bite and a meat-like texture. MCE-4000, MCE-100TS
Low-cost meat Strong hot bite and a meat-like texture. MCE-100TS
Savory or Sweet Filling Prevent water migration during heating, thereby creating food with a crispy crust and a juicy and stable filling. MCE-400, MCE-4000, SFE-4000, NE-4000
Potato or Cream croquettes Prevent pressure build-up and bursting. MCE-4000, SFE-4000
Non-dairy whipped cream Improve overrun and stabilize its foam. SFE-50, SFE-400

Labeling and restrictions to use
Please confirm your local regulations regarding as the labeling and restrictions.

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