METOLOSE® Food Grade

METOLOSE® food grade is widely applied for various processed foods. Functional advantages are versatile as binders, emulsifiers, stabilizers, suspension agents, protective colloids, thickeners and film-forming agents. On top of that, ''reversible thermal gelation'' is really unique property of METOLOSE® for food processing. (Please see ''Reversible thermal gelation'' for more details.) Methylcellulose and Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose have been approved as food additive in many countries including the United States, EU countries, Japan, Australia, Canada and some Asian countries. Please confirm the regulation of each area prior to use.

General properties

  • White and slightly off-white, free flowing powder
  • Nonionic water soluble cellulose ethers
  • Derived from pulp, vegetable origin
  • Thickening-viscosity
  • Reversible thermal gelation
  • Film forming - edible coatings and/or edible films
  • Compatibility with other gums, starch and sugars
  • Stable in various pH
  • Surface activity - stabilize emulsion and/or froth

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Reversible Thermal Gelation

METOLOSE® aqueous solution makes gel upon heating and returns to solutions after cooling. This property is very useful for food processing. For example, it can provide stable viscosity under a wide range of temperature. And this elastic gel helps to reduce oil migration, retain moisture and keep shape during cooking without changing the original texture. Thermal gel provides heat stability to processed foods when deeply fried, baked in ovens and warms up in microwaves. Furthermore, when eaten, any gummy texture goes away with time passage due to METOLOSE® reversibility.

This heating/cooling cycle can be repeated many times without damaging the products.

Chemical types and grades

Methylcellulose (MC) and Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) are available for METOLOSE® Food grades. Four(4) substitution types are at your choice with various viscosities as shown below.

  Methylcellulose Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
Structure + -CH3 (MeO) + -CH3 (MeO)
E No. 21 CFR E 461
Substitution MeO = 27.5-31.5 % MeO = 27.0-30.0 %
HPO = 4.0-7.5 %
MeO = 28.0-30.0 %
HPO = 7.0-12.0 %
MeO = 19.0-24.0 %
HPO = 4.0-12.0 %
Character Firm thermal gel. Good shape retention and water retention. Semi-firm thermal gel. Better compatibility with others. Clear solution. Good film forming property. Softest texture. Good compatibility with other materials Soluble in warm condition.
Labeled Viscosity/cP* Specification /cP*
15 MCE-15   SE-15   12 - 18
25 MCE-25       20 - 30
50   SFE-50 SE-50   40 - 60
100 MCE-100     NE-100 80 - 120
400 MCE-400 SFE-400     300 - 560
1500 MCE-1500       1125 - 2100
4000 MCE-4000 SFE-4000 SE-4000 NE-4000 3000 - 5600

*2 % aqueous viscosity at 20 ℃

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