Cyanoresin's structure has a high-polarity cyano group as a side chain. Because of this, Cyanoresin forms a high dipole moment when placed in an electrical field, indicating a high dielectric level. Cyanoresin is produced by the reaction of acrylonitrile upon substance having hydroxyl group.


Grades and basic physical properties of Cyanoresin

Type Polymer-type Plasticizer-type
Grades CR-S CR-M CR-V CR-U
Appearance Granule Block Liquid
Dielectric constant *1 18 17 15 24
Softening temperature(oC) 90-100 40-70 20-40  

*1: 20°C, 1kHz

Properties and applications of Cyanoresin


  • High dielectric levels
  • Good solubility in various organic solvents, as well as high malleability


  • Organic dispersion electroluminescent devices
  • Electric and electronic parts that require the use of a high dielectric material

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