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Cellulose derivatives

Many kinds of plants live on planet Earth, and all of them contain a natural polymer, known as cellulose, which is their major component.
Shin-Etsu produces a variety of cellulose derivatives and supplies for many customers for use in various applications.

METOLOSE is a water-soluble polymer which is produced by treating water-insoluble cellulose chemically.


SDS Download

 Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for
 pharmaceutical, food and industrial
 applications are available.


Newsletter (June 2016) (for pharmaceutical)

Registered DMF (Drug Master File) at U.S. FDA for our new product, SmartEx®.

Self-determined GRAS* for Shin-Etsu AQOAT (Hypromellose Acetate Succinate NF) has been obtained.
*GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)

Newsletter (May 2014) (for pharmaceutical)

Newsletter (Jan.2014) (for pharmaceutical)

Launched a new product, SmartEx™
We have developed a new Product, SmartEx™.
SmartEx™ is a co-processed excipient containing three pharmaceutical excipients, is suitable for direct compression manufacturing orally disintegrating tablets and immediate release tablets.

Manual addition of cellulosic powders into flammable liquids may cause an explosion.
Please take appropriate safety measures.


The Manufacture of Shin-Etsu Cellulose derivatives is based on the following registered international quality and environmental management standards.

Naoetsu Plant           ISO9001      ISO14001
                          (JCQA-0018 JCQA-E-0064)

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